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Medge Jaspan

My passion is to motivate, inspire, and encourage you to embrace and enjoy your uniqueness.  


I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, then, I realized that I could impact more people with my TRUE skills, gifts, and talents.​ I left Cannes and followed my heart to look for my true calling and give more meaning to my life.


I studied Positive Psychology, spirituality, and conflict resolution to transform people's journeys. 

After a personal quest to find my intrinsic essence, I had the experience, training, and knowledge to encourage others to do the same.  

As a  Positive Psychology Practitioner, I guide people to open their inner - connections to embrace their greatest strengths and gifts to help them thrive and better handle daily struggles. 


My passion is to help you to embrace and enjoy your uniqueness. I guide you to change your life, be more authentic, and experience more happiness.  

I assist you to connect to your highest potential. I guide you to define your weaknesses and transform them into assets. I help you to recognize and develop these strengths to become the powerful YOU. 

We are all different; therefore, you have a unique place in the world, unique talents, gifts, and weaknesses. You matter and are useful!

As a result, finding purpose and meaning becomes more accessible when you can perceive this inner-potential and power. 

When you can live from your heart, you are powerful and authentic. I help you to fully live from your heart.

"I am unique and fabulous, and so are you" ©.

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